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For film projects, a reel is the best representation of your work. We have all the equipment necessary to build a professional reel so you can show off productions you’ve been a part of. Reels establish how you translate on film. In this way agents, casting directors, and producers can see where your abilities lie.

Our standard rate for reels is $250. However, depending on the amount of material, the price could vary. Small jobs could be as little as $100, as opposed to larger jobs that can be up to $400+. A security deposit may be required for larger projects.

If you are interested in having your reel assembled, or have any questions please email us at:
Or give us a call:


  1. Maria Teresa says:

    What is the cost?

    Thank you!

    • Impossible says:

      Hi Maria

      The cost varies from job to job. The finer details of it come down to you and what you have to present. Our standard rate for most film reels is $250, but again, depending on the job it could be more or less.
      Contact for a consultation and estimate.

  2. nikki chawla says:

    I am looking for someone who can help me do my actor reel and a website. I am a student so I am on a budget.

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