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Headshots are your first impression. So make them count! We offer high quality headshots at competitive prices.

Headshot rates begin at $350 for a 2 hour session. 2 looks will be explored. Each additional look/hour is $100. During the session, ┬áhundreds of pictures will be taken. We give you electronic copies so you can reproduce as many pictures as you’d like. Touch ups and comp card services are available for an additional fee. We will provide you with additional referrals at your request.

Feel free to check out some of our previous Headshots in our GALLERY.

To make an appointment or inquire other inquiries, please email:
Or call us at:


  1. John Byrne says:

    Hello! Just curious as to how much about 5 different “looks” (all being outdoors) would cost. Since I’d want some of the initial shots to be with “scruff”, we’d need to allow time for shaving as I’d want most to be clean-shaven. Given this, I figure 90-120 mins. may be necessary. Wondering too if you have special uniforms, i.e. cop, milltary outfits, etc.., that I could utilize and how much extra if any that’d cost. Thanks so much for your time and attention!

    • Impossible says:

      Hey John,

      To do 5 different looks outdoors would be at least 4 hours and would require a camera assistant. We do not provide costumes, however we can recommend a number of great places. The estimate for this type of job would be around $800. If you’d like to look further into booking a headshot appointment, please email Nik@impossiblecasting.com

  2. Bloom Scott says:

    what is the rate for the # of headshots

    • Impossible says:

      Hey Bloom,

      Our rates for headshots are usually $350 for a 2 hour session, that will explore 2 looks. For every additional look/hour it is another $100. In our sessions, you will have hundreds of pictures taken. It is up to you how many you’d like to send through reproductions. We can offer touch ups on the photos you choose for an additional fee, or refer you to other touch up services, as well as photo reproduction services. For more information, or to set up an appointment, please contact Nik@impossiblecasting.com

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